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TDY Housing without notice or authorization unilaterally charged my credit card account under a highly subjective clause in the lease agreement. nOn 17 July 2009 TDY Housing charged my American Express card $1000 because there employees entered the condo I rent (when I was not there), and saw an ashtray within the home. Smoking is a violation of their lease (which I acknowledge), however I do not smoke in the home and the ashtray is kept indoors to prevent it blowing away outside. The house had no odor which was confirmed by the SVPD on the following Tuesday (after the “manager”” neglected to meet me there for a second opinion). Now I gave the employee that entered the benefit of the doubt as a piece of equipment included in the house had an awkward odor (vacuum) which I asked for replacement 3 weeks prior. I have sent several emails to the company and finally they blocked my email address and they all get bounced back. Regardless of what their claims may be

there lease states “”NO SMOKING: $1

000 deodorizing fee if smell of smoke is noticeable in home”” that is too subjective and they could charge that to anyone at their leisure. The condition of the home is well documented photographically (on the advice of counsel) and there are no burns/ashes or stained walls in this condo. This company also artifically jacks up rent for people in this area by charging the maximum amount the goverment will pay for hotel per day

I.E theres no room on the base so the goverment pays per diem to stay off post and this place charges the max they will pay. They also do not provide basic supplies that a hotel does like toilet paper. nStay with them if you like to have people in your home constantly when your not there (and no

you have no legal rights they make you sign them away) [email protected] at ft hnMelrose

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