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My name is Carrisa. Back in 2010 I met a guy named Stephen who I thought was”the one”. He presented himself to be a nice, sweet, loving, and fun guy who was a complete gentleman. Immediatley within a year we fell in love. We got engaged and within a few months I was pregnant with my first child. Our relationship started off rocky I must say as there were lies and decit early on by both him and myself. We were both still young and not really ready to be married or have a child so there were a few hiccups in the beginning (first 3 months). We were able to work through our problems and move on for about a few months more, but then after that the serious problems began…When me and Stephen first met it was in a party party type atmosphere. We were always drinking and going to the bars and clubs. We had a group of mutual guy and girl friends who I mainly met through Stephen. I pretty much dumped all my friends and life to his friends and life. In this group was a girl named Taylor Fox and her boyfriend I will refer to as”K”. I first met Taylor when I was about 6 months pregnant. Stephen introduced her and her boyfriend to me one day at someones house. Immediately I could tell there was some type of flirtatiousness or attraction between them…to me it seemed like it was coming from her end. We all hung out a little with each other a little bit, but stephen was mainly doing all the hanging out and partying because I was pregnant. || Me and Taylor started becoming close at this point, Once my son was born the real problems with Stephen began. He was always out drinking and partying. He would not come home until around five in the morning and would be blackout drunk. He would not pick up my calls or texts. He would lie to me about where he was and who he was with. I caught him cheating on me with a girl or two while all that was going on. While this was going on Taylor and I got extremely close as she was having issues with her boyfriend K as well. They had the complete opposite relationship from Stephen and I. K treated her like a piece of trash. He talked town to her and was very rude and disrespectful. You could tell she was unhappy and wanted someone different (I guess someone like my man). We hung out together, we had close talks, she watched my son a few times, and I welcomed her into my home. It wasn’t too long after we became close that I was able to see her attraction towards Stephen becoming more obvious. She would flirt with him when she thought I was not looking and would always stare at him or us. She would joke with him and just communicate with him entirely too much for an engaged man of your friend. During a fight me and Stephen had he informed me that Taylor passed him a note at work (they worked together at (removed) for a period of time) and told him that she wanted to fu*k him. He told me her never did anything with her and he never told me because he was afraid of my reaction towards her. Instead, he let me continue to hang out with her and he continued to hang out with her as well. I confronted her about it and of course she lied and said he passed her the note. Friends told me that they actual had slept together and that a lot of people knew. They of course denied the allegations. || I went on for 2 years believing both Taylor and Stephen’s lies because they continued to deny it for over 2 years. Finally during the last break up with Stephen (which was due to cheating, lying, lack of parenting, and alcoholism) he confessed to me that him and Taylor in fact did sleep together. At first he lied and told me that it was only once when he was blackout drunk (which was often) when I kicked him out. I soon came to discover it was on way more than one occasion. Their relationship was going on pretty much the whole time our was. I of course told Taylor’s boyfriend K who I worked with at the time and was also pretty good friends with. I then of course went off on Taylor and ended all relationships. As of this day (3 months after leaving Stephen) I am still being told the details of their relationship. They are currently still sleeping together and even are living with each other is what I was told. Stephen does not provide for his son at all not even a penny a week and has no involvement in his life. Its pretty sad. He also has a 4 year old daughter by another woman he treats the same way. Stephen and Taylor have no remorse for their actions. They both are drunken losers and deserve each other. I am not the only girl that Taylor has done this to, she is notorious for sleeping with and flirting with other women’s men. This is why TAYLOR FOX is a HOMEWRECKING S!UT and needs to be EXPOSED!! If you live in the Killeen/Harker Heights area please BEWARE!

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