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So I assume a proper place to begin my story is with a bit of background. I am 30 years old and have been with my lying piece of shit husband since I was 19 (together for over 11 years, married for 7+). He is turning 32 soon. We have 2 children together, a 9 year old son and a 3 year old daughter; our son was born premature and I was advised by my doctor not to have our daughter due to my medical issues. My medical issues began when I was 24-25, I have chronic diverticular disease and have had 2 colon surgeries in the past 18 months. Well the betrayal on his part began right around the time I was told I needed my second surgery (Oct.-Nov. 2013). Soon to be ex-husband acted so scared that he was going to lose me to ill health, instead he ended up losing me while living. || I didn’t find out about his deception/until Feb. 20, 2014, while out on my 2 month medical leave following my second major surgery in Jan. 2014. I was looking over the cell phone bill and noticed one particular # popping up almost daily, incoming and outgoing calls. Some of the calls lasting hours at a time. It was a # I didn’t || recognize and all the calls were when he was at work or late at night. I went back several months on the bill and noticed the # had been utilized on a consistent basis since the proceeding Nov (2013), about 3.5 months prior to this discovery. I called the # to find out who it was. Of course no answer, my # is only 1 digit different than my husband’s cell…so she probably knew it was me. So I had a friend call…low and behold she picks up…my friend made up a story to get the girls name. I had her name…Money (Monet but obviously her Momma doesn’t know how to spell). I called him @ work and asked him who Money was. He played dumb, acted like the call dropped (obviously calling her to see what she told me)….then he finally said”Oh Money that is my younger sister’s friend”. I talked to her that night and she made up a whole story of how my husband is like a brother to her and whatever I think is going on is not. Thats funny…like a brother…but you havent played any part in my life….I am his wife, wouldn’t I know about you??? I had met her a couple times in passing because his younger sister used to watch our kids while I worked overnight shifts. Anyway of course I didn’t believe him, so I told him to get gone, gave him the boot. || Over the next couple months I slowly started to find out the truth, through my investigative skills and the homewrecker actually calling me to cry and say he lied to her (hmmmm what did you expect from a man who is lying to his wife and kids?) Dumb bitch! So come May 2014 I was hospitalized due to my illness (2 major surgeries later and yes I am still dealing with the same shit) so I allowed him to come home to take care of the kids while I was in the hospital and recovering. He then proceeded with the same lame manipulative ways that most people do when they are cheaters, begged for forgiveness, wanted to go to marriage counseling, even got suicidal because of”all the damage he has done”. I let him stay but our marriage was very conditional and pending counseling. Come July 2014 I found out he had still been talking to her through social media sites and she even paid for a website that assists with the documents to file for legal separation. Dumb bitch he never did anything with the site you just paid $160 for. How desperate can a bitch get and she is only 22 (just recently turned 23). When you f**k around with an older, married man, he is usually the one to trick, right? Not the other way around! Anyway I hacked into his email (thats where I found out she paid for the divorce site) well I also found picture (naked) of her dating back to Dec 2013-Feb 2014. Some of them were in our house!!!!! When I was working 10 hour overnight shifts, sick as hell, right before my second surgery he was bringing this girl into our house, f**king her in our bed. Betrayal at its deepest. And I found out several of their sexual escapades were unprotected. HW supposedly cannot have kids….this is one thing she cried to me about…so I was like”Bitch you can’t have kids, so you have to f**k up someone else’s family? Are you really that miserable???” || I am leaving out some of the details because you can only expose so much, right? Well the last time I told him to leave was about a month ago, which I have been back on medical leave during this time, he doesn’t call, turns his phone off and hasn’t helped financially at all. My children have always had their Dad around and he used to be a great Father but now I can only call him a DEADbeat! He has been staying with the HW since I kicked him out. I don’t understand as a woman, why would you be okay with a married man coming to you only when he cannot be with his family? Why do you want to be the back up plan? And for 22-23 years old she is tore up, no hair, in need of some pro-activ, square ass. At 22 I had a 1 year old and still had my looks. Why do men leave their beautiful wife and kids for a downgrade??? Anyway we are now not talking at all, I have consulted with a divorce attorney and am soon renting a house with a friend. I still cry on a daily basis because this is a man I have given my all to for 11 years. In return I have been lied to, cheated on, while going through one of the most trying periods of my life (medical issues, surgeries). || I am going to be okay with time but damn this hurts like hell. And YES he is more to blame than her, hence him being homeless now. BUT she was not blind to the situation, she was very much aware he was married with kids. She knew I was sick and having surgery. That is why she is on blast. He is miserable now so karma is already biting him in the ass. And if it is true that she is infertile karma got her ahead of time!!!! That bitch Karma ain’t done either! Be prepared Antwan Williams and Money Green! || The pictures below are of her by herself and the two of them together.

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