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I ordered a product online on April 20-12 which showed “in Stock”” at the target on line store. With this order I was promised a receipt date of April 25-27. With this commitment from Target I didnt request any improved/express delivery date. I could still complete work that I had contracted with my customer if this receipt was accurate

little did I know it was totally not so! I called target online service on April 26 after tracking my order to see that it had not yet shipped as promised per the original confirmation. Also after checking the same product online as if newly purchasing this item to see that target inventory indicated in stock still. My first call to customer service resulted in being hung up on by the rep. This occurred after discussion related to my not understanding why my purchase had not shipped yet when target systems still indicated in stock. Nor was there any effort to express my order

to the contrary

I was informed that I would have to wait up to two weeks before I could receive my order. At this time

I requested to speak with the supervisor several times

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By Ronald

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