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This happened 2-3 years ago, this client was unresponsive for this timeframe and at the end he decided not to respond and I was unable to collect around 200usd of my salary. | Jeff Christy and his wife Dawna hired me directly as a Website developer and pays me via paypal on all the task I am working on. All went well until my daugther got sick and I had to stay at the hospital for days, he was notified same day so he can forward any pending task to another developer. I tried to collect my salary to pay our hospital bills but he just ignored my email. It was very difficult for me as I should have been paid for the task I have completed but he decided not to. | Today, after 3 years (yep! 3 years!), I got an email and he is blaming me that I abandoned my project and that’s the reason why he did not pay me. If you are on that situation, family comes first and client’s second. [continued below]….


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By Ronald

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