Tara Newberry Powell – Albany, Georgia Georgia


She is a nasty, white trash, teenage, gold digger, slut of the highest proportions! On the outside a nice, church going, helpful babysitter. In Reality Manipulating her way into her bosses lap ultimately breaking up his family! Seduced him and befriended his wife, playing both sides. Evil and rotten to the core. Actually suggesting she leave him since he doesn’t appreciate her as a loving wife. Even had a boyfriend her age to complete the facade. The fact she’s a 19 year old and he rich & “well known” at 62 years with two small kids is no problem to her. Old enough to be her grandfather, is older than her father! 40 plus year age gap! She was really thirsty, dollar signs in her eyes, to seduce a wrinkly, dirty old man! Revolting, sinful, losing her family, friends, respect, and morals for money and status. A modern day Jezebel whom parades around town like she’s madam president. What an accomplishment, town Home Wrecker. All self centered, arrogant, narcissistic, cocky and ridiculous. The moron has no idea we are all laughing and gossiping hard after she goes by with her thick thunder thighs! Best part she actually thinks she is so pretty and established as a VP of his business. LOL!!! The wife is older than her, of course, carrying his 2 kids and looks a hell of a lot thinner & better than she ever will! She knows it too, she has copied, mimiced, envied her for along time. Tried & failed. If ur gonna cheat, do it with a woman that at least looks better than your wife! It’s insulting, she pudgy,small chested, and just average grandma wearing sweater, plain Jane teenager with braces. Oh yeah they are off by now. And his business of 35 years he ran with past 2 wives, right out of Lee county high school she thinks she’s a VP of. Wow, he has really brainwashed her. Sugar baby’s are not smart! He got the blonde bimbo with peanut butter legs (easy to spread) area right, not the looks or class though. Sad since that’s what their kids have for a step mom now. One being only 9 years younger than her. Unbelievable and shocking! She has him so pussy wipped that he kicked wife and kids out to move her Whore self in! Destroyed lives, evil, twisted, user. Karma… if he will do it with you he’ll do it to you. And I hope she enjoys this lavish lifestyle she’s so NOT accustomed to, gold digging & flirting all over town. Husband stealing, family demolishing and selfish slut. It will be short lived. We all reap what we have sew. If not on earth she and he will surely in hell. I wonder if these young girls and women ever realize the trauma and pain that’s caused by them. And all for sex or money. I presume they have no conscious, and as long as their needs are met, all is well.

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By Ronald

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