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Tanya and my husband were friends. Before we met, they had gone out for a bit, but he decided he wasn’t interested in her that way, he called her a ‘big gal, really clingy’. She is a stage 5 clinger type, obsessed with him. Even wrote him a long letter lamenting the fact that he didn’t want her and she couldn’t understand why. || He got home one night to find her waiting for him, word has it she was naked. Scary thought. || After I moved in, she called and wanted to know why me and not her. Apparently she doesn’t understand”just not that into you”. || Fast forward to her sending texts such as”are you all snuggled into bed”. I saw and told him that wasn’t appropriate for a single woman to send an involved man. He quit talking to her for a few months. || Not sure who initiated the next contact, but I finally saw texts where she was talking about wanting to suck his **** and sit on his face. I blew a fuse. Obviously does not respect the sanctity of marriage. Not that he isn’t just as much at fault, it takes two and its pretty sad when you risk a marriage over an ego stroke. || I messaged her and am hoping she says out of my marriage, I now have free rein to check his phone and since trust was shattered, will be doing so. I’m outing her because she tried to wreck my home with no regrets. I’m fighting for what’s mine though and the cuntopotamus will not win.

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By Ronald

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