Tanya Dominguez – Phoenix, Arizona Arizona


Tanya Dominguez, an employee at sprouts farmers market in Phoenix, Arizona slept with my best friend at the time we were together for three months. This little tramp ended up getting me fired from the halfway house where I lived, thrown out and all to start sleeping with strange men, most married. I loved this woman, treated her well, cooked and cleaned for her and the betrayal was uncalled for. She made love to these men, can I say there names? In front of her own children and in our apartment. I was crushed, and this trash just said “My Bad.” I was humiliated and hurt. I then found out she has been doing this her whole life almost. I am a man who needs love and wants to be loved. Tanya Dominguez is an untruthful woman, cheat and a worthless mother who hurts men and sleeps with married men. I, Frank F Lockman, Jr do attest to all these things.

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By Ronald

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