Tanner & Ortega LLP – Took Advantage of Me

Tanner & Ortega LLP was the first law firm that I ever had to deal with. I learned after working with them that they are a shady law firm. I had them handle a personal injury lawsuit for me. Working with them was absolutely miserable.I worked with Tanner. I had been in an accident where I had seriously injured my back. Tanner was not straightforward at all, and he would not give me a straight answer to any of my questions. He told me to just wait and they would have the issue resolved.I paid him a fee upfront. He required it. I was to pay hourly after that, but I was not expecting it to many hours over a week. I had a very basic case. My car was totaled from a rear end. | Tanner was very hard to reach. I tried to contact him after three days, but he was unavailable. After a week he called me back and said it was going to take more time. I was not expecting that at all. Another week went by and he had not communicated anything to me at all. I had no idea where my case was at. He was not getting the job done and seemed to be dragging out my hours. I may not have worked with a lawyer before, but I should not have told him that. He was taking advantage of me.

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