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My boyfriend had just proposed!! It was a dream come true, we met and it was love at first sight, not something that happens everyday. I met his children and we were moving forward. He even chose to stop drinking so that we could have a happy and normal relationship because I was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with… Well after years of being a functional alcoholic we had to deal with the physical demons, the shakes the tremors the physical illness. In An amongst all of that came the emotional where he confessed to me that he once had a fling with his co worker but he had told her about me and how happy we were. That just opened the floodgates for the home wrecker to come crashing through. || She had been with several men during her own marriage the last one being my boyfriend over a year ago, when her husband found out it was the straw that broke the camel’s back and he divorced her. Anyway, back to the present… He needed time to deal with the emotions and I went to work, she popped in to see if he had any pain pills for her and he started to cry on her shoulder and she decided a blow job would make him better, except he couldn’t perform for her… Once I found out I text her and told her to leave him and his life alone and that just because she ruined her own happy home, she had no right to ruin mine. Then I confronted him and told him that I will expose her on this site, that’s when he strangled me and proceeded to kick me, told me to leave her alone. || I’m still pretty lost but definitely finding a way to continue. So ladies just beware, this washed up train wreck will sucker anyone in with her damsel in distress act using her failed marriage out her child’s disability just to move in and once she sees how happy you are, that’s when she attacks.

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By Ronald

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