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this company called and like everyone else told me i won a free cruise 3days 2night from FL as long as i went to see a presentation. When the presentation was over they called everyone by name and a salesperson meet with each of us individually. They Try to sell you a vacation package and wont let you leave and think about it they want your answer now! So they sold me a vacation package 32 weeks for 15,000.00 then sold me more weeks for the VIP plan, when I called Tan they kept messing up the amount of weeks i have, i had to fax all of this info to them to prove what amount of weeks i am supposed to have after I did it once, they still keep messing up the amount of weeks i have. If you do not have things in writing you will be screwed by this company. my question is this..even though i am paying this 25000.00 why am i still have to pay at least 300.00 each vacation i go on, so my question is what is the 15,000.00 and now 25,000.00 go towards?

264 Highland Park Blvd Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 Internet United States of America


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