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Complaint: congratulations we are pleased to inform you you are one of our lucky winners in the customer compensation and appreciation bonanza in the 2nd category held on friday june 25th 2010 for all customers of wallmart,wallgreens,home depot,kmart,etc. The letter went on to say enclosed is a check for $3980.00 deducted from your winnings. The tax amount on your winning is $2980.00 which you will pay through western union to a government tax agent assigned to process your taxes on your winning. This is a total scam. If you attempt to cash the check the criminals will have all access to your savings and checking accounts. If you think you are going to go to a cash checking service to cash guess again. The check will bounce like a rubber ball. If you get a letter like this report it immediately to the authorities. Michael of Deer Park N.Y.

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Address: 2722 w waters ave tampa, Florida United States of America


Phone: 647 860 4641

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