Tammy Lancaster Marcum – Versailles, Kentucky Kentucky


I was married to my husband for 16 years but together a total of 18. Tammy and my husband had an affair which started in May, 2015. I found out in June but waited until July 26th before I confronted them. During that time I collected evidence. Fake profile of my husband’s was discovered and messages read. He had tried to end the affair several times but she kept after him using excuses such as domestic violence to hang on. (There was no violence) Tammy’s husband Johnny was as hurt as I am. He decided to stay with her because of their children. I had nothing left but my husband. But because my husband David decided to try and lie, I left. The lies hurt as bad as the cheating. Tammy tried and still tries to contact him but he’s not responding. I wish she’d give up and go away. Be careful of her. She’s unhappy with her marriage and herself. If you have a sweet talking man, she’ll be on him. She had another man named Will on the side along with my husband.

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By Ronald

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