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Let’s just do it. The Ho Tamara Grinstead is a single mother of 2 (a 7 year old and 15 year old?!?) Gold digger waitress who works at the (removed) Country Club.. Here is the best part there is no gold! The slut is 1/2 my husband’s age, she’s 36, he’s 61 and takes a 2 -3 hour nap most evenings. Perfect for waking up and sex-ting her after I’ve gone to bed at a reasonable hour. The homewrecker B***ch first started her claws in on my husband by pretending to need his number for calling orders in on the golf course. I found out about this on Friday January 25, I happened to see a good night sweetie text from the bitch that morning. Turns out they had consummated the affair the weekend before when he supposedly had to work and I took our youngest son to a soccer tournament. It was one of those college ID tournaments. After a weekend of hell on me since my son was a senior in HS and we had 27 years of marriage plus 3 years prior together I decided to give the asshole another try, did I say he despises liars?I was the fool and the gold digger has won. After a year of torment trying to keep this all together for the sake of the family and me, the little prick started sex-ting her again, on our vacation with the boys visiting his daughter whose 34 and has two kids. Oh I didn’t add that he hadn’t quit the club for”work reasons”. Ha Ha I’m such a blind fool. So the Ho, slut, bi**h, homewrecker, wonderful example of a mother for 2 daughters, who digs into customers at the (removed) Country Club, homewrecker extraordinaire can have him, belly, moods, hypocrite, lying snake and all.

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By Ronald

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