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Thanks for the china trip but i have asked for east coast package!!!!I have called customer care and was kept on hold for 15 u2013 20mins as soon as complaint was made.I would need full refund of my money which I have paid plus 650USD which was forcefully made to transfer to tourguide. I will be filing a legal case on taketours, tours4fun, l & l travels if you continue to operate this way and donu2019trefund my money.I read the reviews on the site before booking this site, please dont tell me if these are real. All fake reviews.This trip is total cheating and deceiving with hidden charges and tricky itenary. This is pure form of selling where yourtour guide is forcing indirectly to choose all the tour admissions.lets start with each day of torture you guys made me throughDay 1: Itinerary talks about exploring Flushing,NY and Elizabeth, NJ and NYC Night Tour. you clearly said that anyonewho arrives before 4:30pm have an option of joining night tour of the City. But there was only option to join night tour ifI donu2019t transfer to hotel. How can you even imagine someone to roam the city without even having an option to freshupand change our dress. I would have been expecting to transfer to the hotel , freshup and then then night tour starts.But you trickily deceived by booking an hotel 40miles from the city giving no option for anyone to explore the city oncethey get into hotel. You made walk in hot sun with a baby just dropping us at place in china town where you guys donu2019teven have a restroom nor a place to sit, no fan no ac. You made search for food in hot new York weather. I have beenrepeatedly asking for the schedule and no one gave correct answer. The only information I got from the pick up peopleis u201cyour tour guide will explain you the process tomorrowu201d. Who is that person no one knows till the second day. Sohotel is booked very far from new York city where we donu2019t even have an option to good proper food or propertransportation. I had to book a UBER cab to go to city and come back which costed me 200 USD. Its so far that wewere so tired to get into city and come back loosing all time and wasting money.When we asked tour guide windy xi ( am not sure if that is real name) about schedule and why the hotel was bookedso far, the rude answer we got is u201cyou get what you paid for, keep quiet and go to hotel, am working nowu201d. I was not ina mood to fight or argue with such rude person so left the place.Summary: DAY 1 is nothing but hotel transfer, there is no tour at all. If you have informed me earlier I would havebooked my flight in the evening so that I can directly get transferred to hotel. This makes the tour to 5 day from theactual 6 day tour. Rude behavior from tour guide windy. Wasted 200USD to get into city to do nothing.DAY2: Although disappointed for the first day show, we expected things will go fine on second day. We are asked toget ready by 6.30am so we are. Tour began at 6.30 as expected, we were very excited. We travelled from our hotel toother hotel picking other travelers which wasted some time and long travel from new jersey to new York. Asked tocomplete the tour of first attraction empire state building in 45mins with big queues giving us no option to use arestroom or breakfast and we left the place not even watching the attraction completely. Next is statue of liberty Cruisein HOT SUN in afternoon, guys if you know the temperature in new York donu2019t you know what time is good or bad for Cruise. I donu2019t plan the things keeping the trust in your guys. Its soo hot that we didnu2019t enjoy coming out of the cruiseto see the view. We are already hungry and tired as we donu2019t have any breakfast. Most disappointing thing is cruisedoesnu2019t stop at statue of liberty and just passes through it. Not even a picture at that famous place. Disappointed bigtime. Next is Intrepid sea and air museum when we reached we are already fully drained because of hunger and hightemperatures , tour guide windy has already given us tickets in the morning for all the attractions and collected moneywell before the tour so cleverly did that we donu2019t have an option to cancel any of those attractions. We were asked tofinish our lunch, use restrooms and visit the attraction in 1hr 30mins which costed 110USD for 3people giving us notime to watch the attraction but use only restroom and have food in very bad eatery.Rest of the attractions like wallstreet, Newyork stock exchange, Trinity Church,times square, world trade center,ground zero, rockfeller center, united nations, fifth avenue are just passing by attractions where we donu2019t even s****.> Started at 7.00am to Washington DC on July 4th independence day, tour guide gave us an option to get somebreakfast and use restrooms in the morning after complaints from many travelers.Reached Philadelphia in the morning Itinerary talks about Liberty Bell and independence hall. This is tricky again.Both are just one place. We donu2019t research on the tour trusting you guys. You just cheated us making us assume youare covering many places again.Next is Washington DC which we reached by 12.30pm. Afternoon weather very hot, you stopped at a place for cruise.Again not a good time for cruise. So I cancelled it. We are made to stand in hot sun as there are no rest rooms notplace to sit. No shade. We had to search for place to sit with a 1.5yr old baby in that hot sun. Tour guide didnu2019t evencared to show us a place to sit or use restroom. There are other elderly people from other countries who donu2019t evenknow the place were simply standing in hot sun. No lunch break so far. No Option to sit in bus even. They donu2019t evenswitch on the ac too. We need to stand in hot sun if we donu2019t want to choose the cruise option. So you are simplypunishing us for not choosing the cruise. You guys just say that attractions are optional but you are forcing indirectly tochoose all attractions otherwise you get punished. So easy to understand that tour guide gains commission in sellingthose attraction tickets.Next is walking tourWe are made to walk almost 5miles in Washington DC to see Lincoln memorial, white house etc because it isIndependence Day and all roads are blocked. Independence is fixed on july 4th every year, there is no change in it,you should clearly know that all roads will be blocked on that day then why did you even planned this day at thisplace? Tour itinerary talks about 7 attractions where in we got time to visit atmost 2 attractions after an hour ofwalking. We had to visit one of museum to take some shade. We simply went inside and sat for almost 45mins.We just saw lincon memorial that too tired, hungry, drenched in rain, full of sweat. Everything. What the hell ? is thiswhat I have paid for ? I have spent close to 3500USD for this trip for this torture ? We book tours for fun, joy and relaxing but this turned out to be torture and walking in hot sun. even elderly people had no option but to walk and walk. Funny part is dinner, tour guide planned for dinner buffet with Chinese menu which we donu2019t want to have. The only option left was to have some food in u201cDollor Treeu201d. There are no other place to have food. Again he made us forced to starve if we donu2019t accept the dinner buffet which he has choosen. Even after requesting and arguing with tour guide he didnu2019t give us another break for dinner. The place choosen for dinner was very far from the city that I couldnu2019t even book a cab on my own and have food. We went to hotel starving ordering a delivery which had extra delivery fee and having dinner at 12.30 am. Summary: I donu2019t even consider this as day covered, what we did is walking and walking and starving forfood. This made tour to 4 days removing first day and day 3 from 6 day package.Day 4: After long travel reached Niagara falls, tour guide rudely dropped few people in a place where there is noproper rest area for who are not interested in visiting old Niagara fort. Same logic again if you donu2019t pay for tour guideattraction you have to suffer in hot sun. he is cleverly pushing people. Maid of the mist was good tour. Again no stopfor dinner so we had to suffer to get proper food near Niagara. When asked he simply shouts that u201cthis is Americau201d, Idonu2019t understand if this is America cant he stop at good place to have food.Summary: Just Niagara falls in this day was worth , half a day to count.DAY5 and DAY6: Both the days are fully travelling in bus, please donu2019t even call them as attractions by just watchingfrom bus or watching the walls of MIT or Harvard. You just tricked us to think that these are places or attractions tovisit. Day fully spent in bus travelling.Overall feedback: This tour is terrible, wasted for 3500USD which we spent in air tickets, fee which we paid for tour ,additional service charge your tour guide forced us to pay and 7 days of vacation wasted starving for food. Tired,hectic, china trip, fights, money waste, time waste are good tags for your company.Only good part was hotel which are not great but decent.

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