Tailchasers Incorporated Review


STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. They are scammers and BS’ers. They always advertise on Craigslist for dog walkers and they act all nice at the coffee place they meet you at, and then when you work for them they ONLY want to communicate with you via text or email (and by the way, their communication sucks). So if you try to call them to sort something out they ignore it. They leave you with empty promises so you don’t look for another job and they don’t follow through on ANYTHING they promise you. Then they have the nerve to talk behind other dog walkers backs to you, and judge their work ethic and character, but these people are total shady characters themselves. They’re a younger couple (38-40) and they get mad if you have a family emergency and can’t cover the dogs. They’ll name you BY NAME on Yelp and call you out if you had an emergency when they reply to a negative review that was left, due to your emergency. You have to wait for their “ok” before you tend to your emergency, whatever it may be. I’m sorry, but dog walkers/sitters are HUMAN BEINGS. They treat all the walkers/sitters like crap and they are the most selfish-immature employers you’ll ever meet. DO NOT WORK FOR THEM. TOTAL TIMEWASTERS. Nothing but a headache and BS.


  • Name: Tailchasers Incorporated
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Arlington Heights
  • Address: P.O. Box 473
  • Phone: 847-398-8245
  • Website: www.tailchasersinc.com/

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