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Complaint: Taco Mini Bike Warning thief! Do not do business with Taco Minibike Co. Joe Rivello My story I interred in to good faith a contract to build a custom 100b minibike in June 2017 with Joe Rivello. This man promised the world on how great it was going to be and that he could complete a minibike in about 6 to 7 weeks. Called me many times promising me how great it was going to be and that I would love it. At 10 weeks the excuses started why it was never done in fact I have never experienced so many lies being told over the next 6 months after pressure from me he finally ships me an unfinished minibike. With promises that he would send the remaining parts to finish minibike in the next few weeks. Another lie told. He never sent me the parts and when contacted him was told just more lies. 1 year later and still has not provided the remaining parts I paid for. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN. I will be filing with the California consumer complaint against this business.

Tags: Motorcycles

Address: 3440 W Warner Ave Santa Ana, CA United States

Website: tacominibikes.com/

Phone: (800) 564-8226

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