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Complaint: First of all, I invite you to NOT take my word for what I am about to describe about my experience with Taco Bell Dallas on W. Northwest Highway. At the bottom of this report, I will post a couple of links for anyone to research so that the fact that I am not the only one experiencing these issues with this Taco Bell location will become immediately apparent. Taco Bell W. Northwest Highway: My Past Experience I should point out at this point that over the last few months, I’ve visited this particular Taco Bell location (2245 W. Northwesy Highway, Dallas, Texas 75220). Every time I go through the drive-thru – without one single solitary exception – they ALWAYS get the order wrong. (As you will see from the Yelp link below, others have had the exact same experience). Here are some other “issues”” I’ve experienced at this Dallas Taco Bell: Employees act like they don’t want to be there

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Address: and they REALLY don’t want YOU to be there! Bathroom is just NASTY! Food is decent (at least most of the time) There is nothing “”fast”” about this “”fast food”” restaurant. The entire concept of being a fast food restaurant is completely lost on the entire management and crew at Taco Bell W Northwest Highway! If you complain about ANY issue

Website: in spite of the fact that I have already had several bad experiences at this Taco Bell location

Phone: the employees and EVEN THE MANAGEMENT look at you like there’s something wrong with YOU. I’ve worked at fast food restaurants

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