T.A.G. Security Protective Services Review


TAG SECURITY IS UNPROFESSIONAL TO SAY THE LEAST | GUARD PARTYING WITH RESIDENT DOING Methamphetamine | Re: Guard does drugs | This is the same guard about 4 months ago would wake me up by knocking on my door at 7am once and 7:30am the other time, asking me what to do when someone locks themself out of their place. That’s not my job – and NEVER to this day has that guy ever say ” sorry or my bad ever. | Well I don’t know the contract between Tag the apartment company here but can a guard whether on or off duty be in a room of a resident. Where am from you can NEVER associate with anyone from the post that you are assigned. He has been in that room all day what is he doing partying. Methamphetamine | This company is a flat out joke they do not even no simple procedures. They are the most untrained people in there field i ever met . STAY AWAY IF YOU VALUE PROTECTION. | UNREAL ..


  • Name: T.A.G. Security Protective Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: SAN JOSE
  • Address: 175 Bernal Road, Suite 210
  • Phone: (888) 600-5772
  • Website: www.tagsecurityguardservices.com

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