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My ex boyfriend and I were together for a little over 7 years. We have known each other since we were 10 years old. He helped me raise my son and stepped up as a father figure to him. Not once did he ever treat my son any different then our daughter and always referred to them as our kids. I was able to finish school and receive my Bachelors Degree, he made it possible for me not to worry about working during that time, he financially supported us. However like every relationship, we all have are ups and downs. Little did I know that during our most recent rough patch, he was confiding to this homewrecker, which in fact is his coworker! About late May I started noticing a different behaviors from him, emotionally and sexually. Didn’t think much of it, I had assumed since we always were on a busy schedule and all the stress involved I believed we would get over it like we always did. During these last recent months the times we would argue and ended up us not being on talking terms, he wouldn’t care that he would have to sleep on the couch which was something he’s always hated! I would say one of our biggest obstacles were that he did not know how to drive as embarrassing as that sounds, it always seemed to cause a huge stress on me since he worked half an hour away from where we lived and I would have to take him, drop off my kids with my mother and make it to work on time! There was times where he would wake up, get ready and not even bother helping me gather the kids stuff together. || If I even bothered to ask him to help me it would always turn into this huge fight and things being said to one another. This was probably the loneliest I had ever felt in our relationship, it seemed like I could not rely on him for anything. It came to the point where he stopped asking for rides, would say a few coworkers were taking him and back. Fast forward to Fourth of July weekend, we had previously spoken about him taking the weekend off to visit his family since they had all moved to Las Vegas and had not seen them since Christmas. The night before he left, we got in a huge fight, we exchanged some pretty awful stuff, it ended with him and I agreeing that we were done! We decided that when he returned he would move out! Well when he returned he came back extremely distant and acted like nothing happened! He stopped calling me babe and began calling me by my first name. Days after I had to bring up the subject about him moving out, he asked me if I would allow him to stay until his next paycheck which was the July 22nd, so I agreed. During this time, I was still taking him to work, basically back to our daily routines. Call it a woman’s intuition but something told me he didn’t go to Vegas alone, so I began snooping through his fb trying to find something… Well I did my own little investigation, put two and two together and bam! I narrowed down this whore! The same night I found out the news I confronted him about and he denied it, told me he was talking to someone but that it was not serious, but that he wanted me to speak to her.. Who says that?? Well the next morning he didn’t bother waking me up to take him to work, said one of his coworkers was going to take him… Again intuition kicks in and the vehicle he got in wasn’t the one from his coworker he said was picking him up. Needless to say that morning I found out so many things that were going on to and from work, learned this homewreckers actual name, Sylvia Villalobos from Cathedral City, CA. Well what did I do, I went to confront him at outside of his work at Western Dental. He had lied to me the time he went in, him and the homewrecker both went in at the same time! It’s funny now but the homewrecker parked right next to me, this whores face and his when they seen me was absolutely priceless!!! I had the advantage of banging this dumb broads head in to her steering wheel, my hand was already behind her head!!! I had never had so much adrenaline in my life! His dumb ass ran around her car and began yelling at me, telling me to leave, threatened to hit me if I wouldn’t leave!! A whole new person came to light!! When I confronted this bitch she came out with she wasn’t aware we were together, that she was under the impression we were just living together and he was there to help me out with my kids, that she had been telling him she didn’t want anything with him until he left our home!!!!! It took all my strength not to punch her in the face!!! She even had the nerve to say she was the one who approached him knowingly aware he had a family. She offered him the ride to Vegas because he didn’t have a ride to go and since she had never been to Vegas either. Always bought him lunch because he never had any money since he had to kids to support! Dumbass didn’t know he never took money out or used his card because he knew I would question why he would spend that money. She claims she is not a homewrecker because our family was already broken! I told her if that’s what makes her sleep at night, by all means, she will always be a homewrecker since she knew he was still living with me, even if she said she was under the impression we weren’t together! She had nothing to say when I told her that if for once she never questioned him, was she that naive to think even if were just living together we don’t have any needs! Her face when I had told her when had just been together the night before! All I had to say to her at the end was she puts women to shame, I told her how does she expect to build a foundation with him under these circumstances and I even said to her why would she do it to me, her response was she knew what it felt like because her baby daddy did the same to her….. I just told her she didn’t even know me, she had nothing to reply…. All in all I told her he was her issue now, now she has to deal with ALL his mental issues! UPDATE: Him and the homewrecker have since moved in together, both get drunk and high together- I guess a couple that drinks/ smokes together stays together. Wants nothing to do with his daughter told me to tell my kids that he is dead to them and that he will be paying to take his last name off my daughters birth certificate. I have since then filled for child support and custody over my daughter, which he is willing to sign over his parental rights. He has already told me he will not be paying me child support he’ll quit first before he gives me a dime. Still blames me for everything! Our last convos was me giving him my blessing and wishing him the best, for both him and his girlfriend which he states is nothing more then his side chick lol!!

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