Syed Taha Hasan Rizvi Review


This scammer named Syed Taha Hassan posted his “services” on fiverr stating that he is a video game developer. I inquired about having a video game app developed by him. The first red flag was when he did not want to exchange money through fiverr, but he wanted me to wire him a deposit.I flately refused. And then he suggested that we do the deal through the website Odesk because they take less of a percentage from him. Later I found out that he chose Odesk because that site is infamous for allowing people to be ripped of by scammers like Syed. I sent him a deposit through Odesk back in October 2015, and none of the work I requested was completed and Syed Taha Hassan ( and Odesk) refused to refund me my money. So this was a flat out ROBBERY. Syed Taha Hassan simply took my money and ran. And Odesk allowed him to do it. So please do not do ANY BUSINESS with Syed Taha Hassan and do not use Odesk for anything because they allow the scammers to do their dirt.


  • Name: Syed Taha Hasan Rizvi
  • Country: Pakistan
  • State:
  • City: Karachi
  • Address: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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