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Complaint: We along with two friends had booked a travel package with The package was designed to pick us up in Madrid and take us around cities in Spain and Morocco over a two week period. The cities that we were to tour included, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Malaga and Tarifa in Spain. We were then to take a Ferry to Tangiers in Morocco. In Morocco, we were to travel by car from Tangiers to the cities of Fes, Ifrane in the Atlas Mountains, Rabat, Casablanca and finally to Marrakesh. From Marrakesh we were to take a plane trip back to Madrid, and from there back to the USA. We had paid for the entire trip in advance to this group. They did not deliver on their commitments and left us high and dry in a foreign land to fend for ourselves and having to pay for our trip in cash again. This group is a fraud, and people need to be informed about this. When we arrived in Madrid, to our surprise we were met by a car driver who told us that he was not going to show us around Madrid as planned, but was instructed to just drive us to the train station where we would take the train to Cordoba. We went to the train station and did not find the guide who was to be with us for the rest of our trip. We had to purchase the train tickets to Cordoba which Islamic Tours was to provide as we had paid for the entire trip in advance. When we arrived in Cordoba there was no one to receive us as planned. We went on our own to the hotel and found that we had reservations for two nights. When we checked other hotels that were promised in other cities, we found that there were no reservations. Totally dejected, we had no choice but to find other means to plan the rest of our trip. With the help of friends in USA, we were lucky to find a guide who could help us with vehicles, reservations in hotels, and plan our vacation. Despite paying Islamic Tours in advance for all these things we had to pay in cash for all the reservations. I want to report that this group, Islamic Tours, is a total fraud who took our money and did not deliver on their commitment to provide us with the services they had promised. They left us high and dry in a foreign land and caused a lot of problems. We had to salvage our vacation by spending money which we had not planned on.

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