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So, usually I do not ever go through my boyfriend’s phone, but this morning something just told me I needed to… a little info about us, we’ve been together since January 2014 started off with just being fuck buddies but I wanted more he didn’t really want a relationship until he found out that I was seeing other people to (we were NOT in a relationship) so then we got into an actual relationship and we got pregnant on purpose. So during my pregnancy it physically hurt to have intercourse, then after having the baby still hurt. My baby isn’t even 3 months, so back to this bitch, I went through his phone and found her messages saying how much she missed him, I confronted him he didn’t deny it, so I messaged her and she was not remorseful and even said she was going to continue a relationship. He and I got into a big fight and I ended up breaking his windshield…..

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By Ronald

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