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I was the victim of a romance/visa scam by a person known as Catherine Tobias and a John Lee of Swift Travels and Tours. Ping Deng – was the person that received the funds at the Swift Travels address. Of course Swift Travels offered a “complete refund”” if for any reason…the visa wasn’t approved or the person known as Catherine Tobias

could not make the trip. Swift Travels and Tours is engaged in the “”mail order bride”” business

as well as the scamming of foreign teachers. Their idea of “”maximizing service”” – is maximizing their profit – at anothers loss. They’re a pathetic excuse of a business entity that is void of any semblance of ethics. If for any reason anyone engages in business with this agency – do so at your own risk.”

302 E. Huangshi Rd. Baiyun District Guangzhou, Guangdong China


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By Ronald

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