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saw a link on facebook make money while driving your car. ad and Link had [email protected] for email incase link did not work.link went to c939ecda.wufoo.com/forms/z1rvkntp178jbzs/filled out form and had a "Yuonne Torres" ([email protected]) email me shortly after saying i qualified to be a driver. (Email is very plain jane no company info, no company signature or web address. Obvious fraud) I replied with several questions without answering the questions I get an email with tracking number of mailed check.Few days later i get a express mail envelope with a check of $4950.27Only problem is that the envelope said it was from Alexander & Baldwin Real Estate Firm in Hawaii and the Check was from Washington College in Maryland. Check looks real with all the security options on the front the back water markings were apparently fake and printed not water markings.I get a text the day after the check arrives asking if i have deposited the check. (323-248-9885) I said "no i have not checked the mail as i have lost me key".

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