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I registered for Suzanne Evan’s program The Speaking Solution and participated which was a 3 month program. iI participated in the program for one month. It was not what I was expecting and the time commitment exceed what had been advertised. Being extremely stressed out by my participation I experienced a health emergency. My doctor put me on medication and explicitely advised life style changes. I took my doctor’s advice and withdrew from the program. I notified Suzanne Evan’s office of my situation and requested a refund for the program as I was no longer able to participate. I also suggested that they prorate the tuition as I had participated for a month and even though I had received little value, I took responsibility for my participation. I was told that the only way I could receive a refund was to complete the program, provide evidence that I had done all of the work assignments, speak to a coach, do what they told me to do and if I still didn’t see results they would consider a refund. I explained that I was unable to compelet the program due to health issues and that wasn’t a path that I could fulfill. I was then told that if I provided a doctor’s note to verify my health issue that they would refund my tuition for the program. I provided medical recortds from my doctor and they decided that it was not sufficient. They said I would need a letter from the doctor stating that I couldn’t participate in on-line programs. TSuzanne said thet she had refunded money to another participant that had a stroke and the doctor said they were unable to do the program. She determined that my medical condition didn’t warrant a refund in spite of what my doctor and medical records stated. It was not as severe as a stroke. | When they declined my request for a refund I was told by Suzanne that she wasn’t selling shoes and that the value of what she provided was “evergreen” and available for me forever. I could utilize the training on line when I felt better and could benefit from my investment in my own time. I tecived an email from the offices of Suzanne Evans in regards to the program stating that the facebook page would no longer be active as of June 1st and the portal to the program would only be available until January. The email instructed me to download the information I wanted from the protal before January.Today, July 17th I logged on to the website to find my login information was no longer valid or authorized. The protal for the Speakiing Solution Program when clicked on reflects no page available. So, the “evergreen” promise was a lie, like all of the things that Suzanne promises. My experience of interacting with this business was that they will say whatever they think you want to hear. The real story of Suzanne Evans Coaching and the other programs she offers is that she is the queen of deception and spinning stories to suck people into believing that she has value to offer. Her real talent is getting her hands on people’s money and you can be sure that when she does, she will keep it no matter what. | I am writing this hoping to save others from throwing $2,947 down a rat hole like I did. Suzanne Evans is masterful at crafting a message to get people sucked in and to give her money. What she says and what she provides are not the same thing. A con artist is too kind of a description for this woman. Integrity, sincerity and authenticity are words she uses but clearly has no concept of putting them into practice with her business. Engage with the company at your won risk,They are self deluded and justify their unprofessional actions. They say they have a refund policy that they stand by, and they do. It is a No Refund policy and they stand by that completely.


  • Name: Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: South Carolina
  • City: Murrells Inlet
  • Address:
  • Phone: 1-866-496-3060
  • Website:

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