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WOW! I have been debating whether or not to put anything on this site, but after seeing another publishing of the same woman that destroyed my family and has caused lasting pain for myself and children, I decided to. || This woman went after my husband and got him. I have to admit he is no better than her. They met at work, started a relationship, and when she started calling our home number, I knew there was more. After confronting my husband and days of lies, he finally admitted to an affair with her. He would schedule work trips and sporting trips overnight. I was so blind to the signs. Our children are old enough to understand what their father did and now will not speak to him. I tried counseling for myself and the kids, but I and the kids have been unable to accept, forgive, or get beyond it. Thus, we are divorcing. || Hopefully, one day the kids will forgive their father. However, I never will. Obviously, she is a homewrecker and pure fat trash, a slut. All I can say is I hope they enjoy each other and the pain they caused me and our kids. I am a firm believer that what comes around goes around. She will cheat on him or he on her. Sad thing is she is still married and living with her husband. I feel for him for having such a cheating wife. Poor man will find out one day what he is married to.

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By Ronald

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