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  • Susan Apodaca-Leverette a.k.a. Miliani is such a slut… Just an absolute failure. She has been a foot fetish “model” on Instagram & Twitter for 8 years now, charging her simp followers to Skype, meetup for in-person feet fetish sessions, “worship” her feet at FootNight events, yet she still doesn’t OWN anything. No real estate, stocks, bonds, nothing. Going on age 31 this upcoming July, still being whore (coming of age, might I add), still paying rent, still making babies out of wedlock just to collect child support. Even I bought my 1st home at age 27 living in Kissimmee, FL. Guess what? I never had to stoop to selling sex or my feet in order to accomplish that. susan-miliani-apodaca.blogspot.com/2020/07/susan-apodaca-feet-by-miliani-of.html

By Ronald

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