Supreme loans llc Review


This company called us and told us we were approved for a 10000.00. But before transfer they were going to deposit money into our account and we were to withdraw it and buy google play cards. We did, to the tune of 2860.00 What we found out was they had hacked into our account and the money we used was really our money, they actually called our bank and attained access to our personal account, they reversed transactions that were our bills that we had already paid, but made it look like we were disputing the "unauthorized" charges. My bank caught on and called us immediately and shut down our account, we closed it, put heavy security on our new account and reported to the FTC, FBI what these thieves had done. But because they stole from us such a large amount, we are now having to call everyone of our creditors and explain what happened. These people need stopped and I will not stop until they are apprehended. They have stole 10’s of thousands dollars of peoples money. I will find out where they are and I will see them shut down.

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By Ronald

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