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Support Nerds is a compter tech repair service similar to a “geek squad”. This company is used by millions of college age students. Recently my 19 year old college student was contacted by a man who claimed he worked for and was calling on behalf of support nerds. The man told my son that support nerds discovered that they owed him a refund for a previous service contract that he had that ended last year. | The man then asked my son to type “” in his web box which then takes the user to a page called “web viewer”. This allowed the man remote access to my sons computer. This is also the method used by support nerds when they are repairing issues with your computer during service calls. | The man known as “Albert” then told my 19 year old son that “while processing his refund, which should have been 30.00 they actually added 3,000 to my sons bank account. Albert then told my son to log into his bank account so that he could see that his account balance showed the overage. As my son went to what he thought was his actual account, a page popped up showing my son that in fact his account now showed a balance of 5,000. | I reviewed the page that was sent to my son and it looks like an actual account summary of a Wells Fargo checking account. It was not, it was a FAKE. We now know that as my son went to verify his bank account he actually allowed this person the ability too see his actual bank account information and see his actual balance of 2070.00 | Albert then showed my son the FAKE account summary to solidify his claim that support nerds had refunded his account with 3,000 instead of 30.00. He told my son that it was imperative that he get the money back right away. He intimidated my 19 year old by telling him that he would be held reliable for the money if he did not return it! He told my son that he would get police involved immediately if my son did not return the money. My son became fearful that this was somehow he responsibility to fix support nerds error! | Albert then suggested to my son that he could rectify the problem the quickest by using PayPal and all would be right again and this would keep him from getting into trouble. My son actually opened a PayPal account under the guidance of Albert and tried tosend 2,700 to this man. This failed because my son’s actual account balance did not support a 2,700 withdrawal. | Albert then told my son “since that did not work” the only other way to get the overage back to us fast is to send a Money Gram. He then asked my son if he was at or near a Walmart. Albert then informed my son that he could go to Walmart and send the money by a certain time and support nerds could close his account and he would be cleared from any liability. Fearing he would be in trouble for keeping money that did not belong to him my son went to Walmert. | On 10/07/2017 my son sent a Money Gram to “Albert” in the amount of 2,000. Although he supposedly owed over 3,000 Albert instructed him that he would take the 2,000 now and he would contact him later to send the other 1,000. “They would work it out, he said. The important thing was to send the 2,000 now to show support nerds that he was actually attempting to rectify the issue.He told my son that he may not be able to send 3,000 at one time. | As we now know, since Albert got into my sons computer remotely he was able too see his actual account balance of 2,070.00 and that is WHY he told my son to send 2,000. This money was sent to an individual in India so I know we will never be abe to recover this money. | I have filed a complaint with the FTC, Support Nerds (they were no help), The Better Business Burea, the local police. My son attends college in Central Florida and The FBI Cyber Crimes Unit. | Please invetsigate this matter to the fullest because “Albert” has to be a former employee or hacker who got into support nerds data base to retrieve their customer base. My son did in fact use their service and that is why he did not think this was FRAUD and a SCAM but it was!


  • Name: Support Nerds, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Ephrata
  • Address: 644 E Main St
  • Phone: 866-322-2322
  • Website:

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