Supermodels unlimited magazine – Fraudulently promoted event for charity. – Not a real charity

I entered my daughter in a model search run by Supermodels Unlimited. I was contacted bu their editor Kim Lawrence (Clark) as well as Marc Passera and a numbver of other people employees. We were told we would need to do a shoot for the magazine in order for my daughter to appear as a “rising star”. We were asked to pay a fee for the shoot which we thought was no big deal. Fast fwd to january and we were asked to also take part in a fashion event in Miami. This would also cost a “fee” and it was supposedly going toward charity. The money was meant to go towards curing breast cancer. We later found out NO money went to charity. They kept contacting us for more and more “photo shoots” and other events. The same deal for each it would cost us a “fee” for our daughter to take part. This company is just a scam that is set up to trick parents into spending more and more money in exchange for NOTHING. Your daughter/child will never end up in any magazine and you are just lining their pockets.

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