SuperJeweler yfbjydb Alabama Review


An attractive pricing sale from one of the biggest sellers on Ebay drew my attention.14k white gold necklace with 1/4crt round cutting diamond,for only $99.99.Perfect for my NewYear gift to surprise her.==Ordered it with excitements, anticipation, took more than 3 days to finally confirm shipping.Tracked the parcel and it was delivered so far so good.===Until one morning,I received a phonecall from Fedex Import Team,asking me to provide Commercial Invoice of this item.According to my trading experiences,this is the type of invoice that only seller could provide,and I have no copies of it.So I answered “No

I don’t have the invoice with me.””””Ok

we will get in touch with your sender instead

“”that’s all I heard from the call.==As for my knowing

this package would never pass customs without that invoice.Instantly I emailed through Ebay about this issue.==Another day passed

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By Ronald

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