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Complaint: I worked for this company for a few months as an “event coordinator”” more like a sucker. I was told I was going to be making 1500-2500/week to travel to their events setup and hire promotional sales people

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Address: in which I did. The promotional sales people kept emailing me asking where their checks were I directed them to Joe

Website: they are completely unprofessional and scam artists. They lie straight up to their customers and employees and play mind tricks. I also when going into their office to ask for my money was threatened physically by owner Joe who threw things in the office and was punching his desk trying to scare me. I then had a phone call with him later that week in which I was asking for my money and he presumed to ask me to meet him somewhere to “”settle it like men and he would kick my (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))””.He would constantly brag about how much money he has made yet he doesn’t pay anyone. In Vegas I was asked to lie to his wife. I was promised $1

Phone: Nick and Jackie Debellis (owners) who were supposed to pay these people. They never did. I also brought 4 of my friends into the company to work and they also did not get paid. I would be “”guaranteed”” to make minimum $1

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By Ronald

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