Super 8 Las Vegas Strip Area Review


Folks. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere is Las Vegas, not at the Super 8 Motel on Koval Lane at Ellis Island. Never book threw a secondary site for them either you will be billed more money once you pay with a cc. | Here is what happened to me. I booked with them and Super 8 billed the day of check in (even though my flight did not arrive for 6 hours later), this was not the problem, the problem was, they wanted to “verify” my cc once I got there, which is after the fact. Seems as f they were covering their steps of being legit. Problem 2. They advertise as 24 hr. FREE airport shuttle, its’ a lie. I had to pay and book my own freaking shuttle to their motel, this was the only reason why I booked with them to begin with. Problem 3, I only stayed in the motel 6 hours due to a delayed flight, and they held a $100 deposit on my cc for three days. | Spend your money at a more reputable motel / hotel that really does have FREE airport shuttle services, and whom will not place $100 hold on your hotel stay. This Super 8 motel is a south of the border motel, that is not worth your good hard earned money. The next night I stayed at a “legit” hotel on the strip, and did not have ANY of these issues, and yes, I also only stayed in their hotel for 6 hours. and had FREE airport shuttle.


  • Name: Super 8 Las Vegas Strip Area
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 4250 Koval Ln
  • Phone: 702-794-0888
  • Website:

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