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I was suckered in by the hard sales pitch several years ago, and it recently came to my attention that it is possible to get a refund and cancel their contract, which they say cannot be cancelled. I was misled on four major points:1. I specifically asked if Greece was on their list of properties, and was shown a list that included Greece. I found out later that the only way an international property would appear would be if someone traded in their timeshare.2. I specifically asked if I was signing for a credit card or a loan, and flat-out said I did not want a credit card. I was told twice that it was a ‘line of credit’. I received a credit card in the mail the following week. Their way of making up for it was to send me a gift card to a restaurant.3. I was told that the annual maintenance fee would “never go up””

but it was raised in 2010.4. On the sheet I signed

there are two additional charges listed

but there was no indication that they would both be assessed (on top of the $99 ‘processing fee’) if I stayed in anything larger than a one-bedroom condo (try finding more than a couple of those) or during peak season or holidays (most places have ‘peak season’ 10 months out of the year).In essence

if I were to add up all of the additional charges

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