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I needed to re activate my CNA license plus transfer it from NC to FL. The Florida Dept. of Health referred me to Prometrics who in turn referred me to this horrid For-Profit outfit known as Sunsoast College of Health in Bradenton, FL as it was supposedly the only place to demonstrate my CNA skills and re certify at $200 each attempt. I was in a class of about 30 candidates and the skills to be demonstrated were such tasks as handwashing, perineal care, and more basic patient care tasks. All the candidates were seasoned CNA types with lapsed licenses or from out of state and needing a fresh certificate to get back to work. Everyone had to take a written test and then a practical in a makeshift lab with a dummy. All were deliberately failed during the practical including me in my case for “inadequate handwashing” as it was subjectively graded. It would be reasonable to see some candidates fail and others pass but not everyone; this is statistically extremely flawed and crooked. All these people are low paid workers likely supporting a family or more and powerless against such exploitation plus little able to afford it. I am for example supporting two kids and am having to work a minimum wage job until I can get the certification and do better for myself. I have 15 years experience as a CNA already from NC and was incensed by these con artists! I lost $200 that 1st time $400 total; tried again 3 weeks later and once again I and everyone else in the group failed and all of us were referred to their CNA program and wanting to charge a few hundred dollars for it. I know they are crooks and am PISSED OFF! There is apparently no other CNA challenge program around this area and this responsibility should not be left to a racket that profits in you fail. The school is in a seedy strip mall and is easy to get in and grossly expensive. Please go to a real school such as or instead. !!!RIP OFFS!!!


  • Name: Suncoast College of Health
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Bradenton
  • Address: 6513 14th Street West, suite 103
  • Phone: 941-727-2273
  • Website:

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