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Complaint: The first time I baught a vehicle from kia it was after hours and the employees were drinking on the job and ask me if id like a beer. I said no and a couple of days later I was called back to kia and OZZY was soo rude explaining to me he needs his vehicle back and he made a mistake on 20-30 thousand dollars. I said no and the paper work was already done. OZZY began to shove me and call me outta my name. I swore I would never return. Years later- looking for a new vehicle I was talked into going back, long story short my friend was refused her referal check, OZZY lied to the empkoyees about my behavior and refused to issue me a key to me vehicle and fix the brakes rotors headlights blinkers and tail lights that ALL DIDNT WORK! Why lie to get someone to buy a vehicle? Is your life that misserable OZZY? SEE YOU IN COURT

Tags: Drunks

Address: waterford kia dealership waterford, Michigan United States of America


Phone: 248-682-6002

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By Ronald

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