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Summer Weinke is a 22 year old young mother. She has been sleeping around with MULTIPLE taken/married men and even those who are single at the SAME times or within very close time frames. She worked with MY husband at a local Burger King where my husband worked for a second/side job. He quit working there in January of 2015. Shortly after Summer began going to MY husband’s 1st/main job to meet with him and asked him to come over to her house later that night. He did. The affair only lasted a month and a half when MY husband realized what he was doing was not what he was wanting after all. He realized that this girl was sleeping around but not to the extent that she was until after he stopped seeing her and everyone started talking and letting all of her dirty laundry out. A couple of months later, after losing her job, she moved to Wisconsin but had plans to move back to L’Anse, MI (or surrounding areas). I confronted her through facebook, where she denied it and pretended to not know what I was talking about. When I told he that MY husband had told me everything and came clean, she immediately blocked me with no replying response. I was confronted by NUMEROUS other women, spouses and girlfriends who said that Summer Weinke was also sleeping with their men. One man she was sleeping with within the same time frame, is a known heroin/crack shooter who anyone would know is high risk for Hepatitis. I am extremely strict about STDs in the first place, so of course I immediately got tested as well as having MY husband get tested. I know that currently she now has no plans of moving back now that this entire town, her family and friends, and people within the surrounding towns know of her for her sleazy acts. I know that she grew up and went to high school in Rhinelander, WI this may be where she relocated to. I would highly suggest staying clear from this “girl” and if you find out that your significant other has had any contact with her, to have him and yourself tested immediately!!!

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By Ronald

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