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My boyfriend and I had been living together for about a year when he met this little slut through mutual friends. She knew who I was and that he was my man and living with me. I trusted him completely, so I never questioned where he went or with whom. || He started being very strange about his phone some time in July…making sure it was always out of my reach or turned off etc. || One day when I was ill and sleeping late into the morning, he woke me and said he was leaving with friends for a bit. I awoke a few hours later to find him still gone. I called him and asked him where he was. He was very short with me and said he was on his way home. When he got home he immediately got into the shower. Over the next 2 days his phone went off constantly with texts and calls. Although I had a sick feeling in my stomach, I tried to believe him when he said it was just friends. One night after he fell asleep, my curiosity got the best of me. I went through his phone. I didn’t find anything particularly incriminating except all his texts were erased, and there were a lot of calls from the same number. I decided to text the number. I simply said”hey”…this was met with”hey baby”. I continued to text with this number for about an hour. She said things about how he”had baggage” he needed to get rid of (me and my son) and how much fun she had the other day couldn’t wait to see him again. I woke him up by throwing his phone at him and telling him to pack his shit. He denied it at first, but eventually admitted it slowly. I asked him for the disgusting details. He launched into the sickening tale. || She picked him up to give him a ride to a friends house. She had some drugs and suggested they go somewhere and get high. So they go out to a dead end road and get high. He’s leaning back in his seat when suddenly she unzips his pants and starts giving him a toothy blow job. He’s high so he’s not thinking. Then she gets out and does an embarrassingly uncoordinated strip tease for him. He gets out and she starts in again on the d**k scraping suck off. Then she bends over the hood of her trashy car and they start to fuck. She’s so loose and sloppy he can’t stay hard. He keeps trying anyway, until the smell of her rotten vagina wafts up to his nose. He gags and then tells her he’s has to get home and they would have to try again some other time. He has no intention of ever doing anything with her again but just wants a ride home. He feels sick over what he’s done so he showers when he gets home. She blows up his phone over the next 2 days and he ignores her. || He said he didn’t want to lose me so he tried to hide it. It was a mistake and he doesn’t want anything to do with her. I tell him to call her and tell her that. He calls her immediately and tells her she was a mistake and if he had been sober it would never have happened. He tells her he loves me and to stop calling and texting him. She starts crying. I get on the phone and asks her what she expected…them to ride off into the sunset after he faced her on the hood of her car on a dead end road? || She called and texted his phone a few more times but gave up after she only got responses from me and finally him answering and telling her to f**k off and die. She is a pathetic, desperate, dirty hoe bag. Watch out for this bitch. From what I hear from for ends she only goes after taken men.

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By Ronald

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