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On 3/27/08, I purchased a vacation deal offered by Summer Bay Resorts for $248.00 plus an accomodation upgrade for an extra $90.00 for a total of $338.00. That Summer Bay agent accepted payment on my credit card. I printed the confirmation e-mail sent to me. Due to some personal and medical matters, I could not take this vacation with in the given time period of 2 years. The agent that I purchased this from, advised me, “That if I couldn’t take within the 2yrs. For me to call customer service

that they would extend the package untill I could use it. I phoned customer service #-only to be told that

“”I this offer has now expired- “”NO REFUNDS””. I have contacted Summer Bay Resort’s customer service in 2010

2011 & now 2012. Up untill now am I being told this. Previously was not. The last customer service agent was named


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By Ronald

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