Suddenlink PARKERSBURG West Virginia


Complaint: After 30 years as a “VIP”” (their words) customer

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Address: they kept raising prices and service got worse. I could not watch a program without my TV’s pixelating

Website: and they kept sending me bills. At one time it was over $300

Phone: locking up or dropping connections. Internet was just as bad. I paid for 100 mbs and only got 61mbs according to their own speed test. I paid them $35 to come in and sit at my computer and tell me that I would never get close to 100mbs because of internet traffic. I was fed up and took my equipment to their 7th street location two weeks before my bill was due. They then told me I would have to pay for another month of service because “”they don’t pro-rate bills””. I knew I paid ahead a month from the beginning

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By Ronald

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