Complaint: Used to have lunch now and then at Subway inside the local Wal Mart. Did anyone ever get a sandwich that looked like the ones in their banners/signs?? Got too many chinzy sandwiches and to get the associates to toss on even more lettuce is almost like pulling teeth. I appreciate portion control but jeez, their ads nowhere say sandwich depicted is with the extra cost double meat option. So I emailed corporate, got a call from the local manager and got a free sandwich out of my complaint…very admirable and respectible, but even the freebie was feeble compared to their signage. Mentioned that to the manager and got babble back. Well, have not been back to eat there since even if their baking bread smells so dang good. Anybody else notice how slim their sandwiches are compared to their ads??

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 951 FM 1382 DeSoto, Texas United States of America



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By Ronald

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