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Complaint: this is a terrible subway store that needs to be closed down. the managers aer the rudest nastiest people…they harass customers, almost make them cry, make them wait after messing their sandwiches up 4-5 times on purpose, make nasty unedible sandwiches,- on purpose, then harass customers for this… they give free sandwiches out to people after screwing with them on purpose, namely for all the hassle h*ll and mistreatment, then later if the person comes in to actually receive a free sandwich they were already entitled to prior to all this, they tell those people that they are not allowed that sandwich, yelled at abused harassde, and pick fights with them. I have never been to a subway that is this bad– the employees there are the biggest degenerates, uneducated, and vicious extremely nasty obnoxious derogatory college or teenage crackheads…they are not only very stupid, derogatory, but they are so mean and just bully customers together. the managers there aer the rudest people one being a female who is such a b itch and a monster…i was harassed twice by these psychopaths yelled at mistreated….it’s as if I couldn’t go into that place to get a sandwich unless I endured very extreme harassment, mostly even by the managers, and the 2nd time i went back had to endure even more…..the people that work there not only have no manners are bullies, impolite, and so rude/mean towards customers…. of course i would never go back to this subway….and it needs to be closed down….the people running it are very sick and so abusive. They have no customer service, no management skills and even after yelling at a customer picking fights with a customer to the point where the customer is about to start crying, bullying, being so mean and rude, the psychopath managers say that they are the ‘best’ management team and that they are frinedly when they are the most vile ill mannered people ever…. I go to subway every single day almost and have never been to a place that is this bad….and run by such nasty people….they are not only on powertrips but they abuse female customers for sport it seems, pick on them, and will do it consistently. One manager being a blonde female, needs to be fired and removed, and the employees there are so immature and rude. I hope the store owner, reads this and does something about this. The kind of treatment I received there I personally would liek to hire a lawyer and sue the crap out of these bullies and jerks. Since when do degenerate food service workers feel they have the power and right to mistreat and pick on customers as they want and get away with it….please do something about the people that work at this place.. they have no right or place harassing customers the way they do….and gettnig away with it…simply because no one is stopping them. i would say stay far away from this place, don’t give it any business, because of the way they treat people…This is one of the worst places ever and needs be shut down… joan oviedo, FloridaU.S.A.

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Address: University Boulevard And Dean Road Orlando, Florida U.S.A.



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