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Violent abuse by staff and creepy people harassing guests and stalking them. | Cleaning staff has a problem with continually bashing on walls, taking chairs and repeatedly bashing them into the floor, and doing other abusive and violent stunts while “cleaning” adjacent or above rooms. | You don’t want them in your room ever. | They also seem to be moving some kind of heavy metal object across the floor shaking it. Nothing in the room is this hard, heavy or dense. | Nearby guests (shills?) seem to display like behaviours, doing same thing bashing on the walls, slamming toilet lid closed so hard it might break. | This looks to be directed at all other guests and hotel manager is complicit making excuses blaming the building or those who make a report to cite it as being excessive. | Barring that they just lie about the whole problem as they do when they steal money from you. | This starts to look like a vanity play based on a slumlord model for a recent apartment rental and complicit law enforcement who has same or like problems. | It appears as the want to say they are an authority figure and have the right to treat people this way, taking the law into their own hands. Or that this is some kind of court action etc. | It appears as a form of gaslighting where they look like any business or Police who can’t legally identify the people they’ve done felonies to. | It seems to be based on the notion that these people know you and can cite some or any history about you to support this. Proving them wrong. | Manager has decided that they no longer receive mail and packages at the hotel and calls to the 800 number had them say this is the only location doing this. | Visits to the pool near the office confirm that FedEx, USPS, and UPS are making deliveries there. | A new payment system at the front desk provides a receipt that offers no information other than the total paid, nothing about dates of stay, how long you are paid for or the daily rate and taxes paid etc. No indication of what room you are in at all. | It seems also not to be able to accept Visa or MC payments but prefers a debit card and PIN. Things now are blamed on the computer, again. | As per the past 10 year history, we never seem to be able to know how to accept a new booking to extend the stay beyond the dates paid. | We never seem to know how to compute the daily rate. | We never seem to know how to compute the taxes paid and how to refund them. | Paying over the 30 days has them collect tax for some reason when the law does not allow this. | In total management and staff here are felons and arrogant hucksters. I find it impossible to believe that someone has not acted to arrest them and certainly the head office has to see this as being not in their best interest to support. | Manager is now acting guilty, paranoid, and strange. Seems he is noticing he is getting caught. | Customers do not reside there in order to be attacked. | You don’t clean our rooms at our expense this way since this would be done FOR us and NOT TO us. | These folks went too far. | The motive is compelling. As are the consequences. | Overall this effort is made to suppress witness and to discredit it. It fails. | Ad Hominem. | Appeal to authority. | Composition/Division. | At least three logical fallacies I see so far. | A way to attack people and blame the victims. | They act to bifurcate the behaviours as some kind of a want to employ a military paradigm, as in dispense chaff, or some kind of evasive manuever to discredit or confuse their victims (customers). | Manager being a male, blames poor quality construction of the building, I offer that the glass windows are fragile, why not have the housekeeper bash into them? | He then passed the buck onto his newer female desk clerk. She then claims they can blame or accuse me of some history, not possible for two reasons at least. One being this is their fault not mine, and two they don’t know who I am from one day to the next or one stay to the next. | None of that allows them to violently abuse me or others. Ever. | Other “guests” are being used to do like things and this is a want to say blame them and then treat me like them and blame me. As I wrote up above, this hostility gets pointed at all rooms below, above or adjacent to the so called “guest” room doing the acts of malice. They shill in effect for staff who does same. Front desk frauds are felonies in fact. | At one point I had a female staff member late one evening enter a room above me and stand over my fluorescent lamp fixture and violently stomp on the floor. Likely hoping I had it on and that the lamp would break and release mercury vapor into my room. These felons belong in prison. She knew the location since her lamp is above mine. Just stand under hers and then act like a fool as she did. Intentional. | This is incredible overall. As are the bald faced lies and thefts of taxes and monies they do each and every time. | DO NOT stay here or do biz here !


  • Name: Studio 6 Tucson
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Tucson
  • Address: 4950 S Outlet Center Dr
  • Phone: 520-746-0030
  • Website:

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