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I received a voicemail from a young lady who said her name was Megan with the Student Loan Advisory Board. She called from 930-200-4718. She left on the voicemail to call her back at 877-460-4718 regarding a student loan forgiveness. I tried calling the 930 number back and it said "We are unable to complete your call at this time." Then I called the 877 number back and a gentleman answered right away and told me Megan was unavailable and that he could help me. He asked me was it about income driven loan forgiveness and I told him I didn’t have any income and he hung up. So I tried calling back 4 more times and no one answered.I used a text app number and called and once again the gentleman answered right away. When I asked him if he had just hung up on me he said no, that no one from that company spoke with me because my number would be on file. So I went along with his gimmick to see where he was going. I explained that I wanted to speak with a supervisor and was going to report to the because I receive calls from marketers and when I tell them I don’t have an income or vehicle they hang up.He asked for my name and birth date to see what the amount of my student loans were. Then he told me to check my email and give him a 6 digit code that was sent to me. I checked my email and gave him the code but what I didn’t know was that he went into my fafsa account and requested a new password and changed my password to Student1 without my permission and didn’t tell me that he changed it. I had to figure that out for myself after I hung up the phone and went into my fafsa account. I received emails that my password had been changed.He was demanding a payment up front when I told him I had a zero income and trying to make all theses extra side conversations to reel me in.When I asked the name of his company he said "Student Services." He never gave me his name and I told him I would not be able to make a payment and that I would stick with the plan that I was on.To my knowledge, in order to qualify for student loan forgiveness, you have to be employed with a non-profit or in an impoverished school district or Title I school and I’m unemployed.Everything about this says scam. Sounds like the voice of a young caucasian male.This is what the email they sent me looked like and as I researched, this is a response to a request to change your password, which I did not request. You will see it attached. It has no trace of who made the request.

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