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Of course I said yes! who doesn’t want to get forgiveness on Federal loans right! Well they asked me for some information like my SSN and Email birthdate which I did not feel comfortable providing over the phone. But the guy on the phone told me that they worked with the Department of Education and that I had nothing to worrie about. They told me I qualified for a $0 dollar payment due to my income sounded great. They charged me $700 dollars for them to get me into this supposedly program through the Department of Education. They told me it took 3 months for it to happen. Well it was all a lie THEY TOOK MY MONEY AND NEVER DID ANYTHING. WHAT A RIP OFF. They actually put my loans in forbearance which just generated more interest. Next thing you know the lender starts calling me to collect money from me telling me that I was behind. I wass really pissed off to find out that these Scam Artists took the Little money I had and made my situation worst. I am really frustated I called the company to get a refund and they told me that I had to cancel within 3 days of enrollment to get a refund. Every time I call they pick up the phone with a different company name. I am reporting this Not to get my money back BUT to avoid and prevent other student borrowers from going through the same thing. ITS NOT FAIR THEY ARE TARGETING STUDENT BORROWERS WHO BARELY GETTING BY. I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION IS ALLOWING THEM TO REPRESENT THEMSELVES AS WORKING FOR THE (DOE), THIS IS A SCAM SO PEOPLE BE VERY CAREFULL WHO YOU PROVIDE YOUR INFORMATION TO. MAKE SURE THAT IS REALLY YOUR LENDER, THE ONES WHO HAVE YOUR LOANS, OR THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, ANYONE ELSE WILL TRY TO CHARGE YOU FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN DO FOR FREE ONLINE. PLEASE PLEASE DON’T LET THESE SCAMMERS GET AWAY WITH THIS! REPORT THEM ONLINE AND ALERT OTHER STUDENTS WHO ARE BARELY GETTING OUT OF SCHOOL ABOUT THESE SCAMS.


  • Name: Student Debt Solutions LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: District Of Columbia
  • City: Washington
  • Address: 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue. Suite 1025.
  • Phone: (855) 704-5891
  • Website:

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