I attended Can Akkaya’s cornering “school” which I actually found off of Craigslist. It was advertising a motorcycle cornering school instruction and track day for only $99. I have never seen a price like that. Usually these kinds of classes and track days range from $300 to $1500 a day. The fact it was advertised on Craigslist should have been my first clue something was fishy. For $99 though, I figured I couldn’t lose no matter what. Boy was I wrong. The ad led me to his site. There he had a list of his accomplishments including: Multiple international victories (no years, tracks, or actual races were cited). Multiple lap record holder (no years, tracks, or times were cited). Multiple trophy winner (no years, track, or races cited). Pole position holder (no years, track, or races cited). Professional racer ALL over Europe (no organizations, races, or teams were listed). Instead of asking around or doing research to make sure he was legitimate, I signed up. The “track” in Stockton where he holds his “class” is literally a kiddie track for GO KARTS! It’s not AT ALL designed or proper for use with motorcycles, race bikes, or cars. It’s super tiny and just not at all the proper place to teach proper cornering techniques with large motorcycles. During class lectures, it was apparent that Can Akkaya clearly had no former racing experience and very little coaching experience to top it off. There was nothing of value and the majority of the entire day was spent on him telling stories and going off on tangents that weren’t relevant. His “coaching” method is rude, hostile, and abrubt. Any questions regarding his expertise or legimacy were met with immediate hostility. Any questions he couldn’t answer due to ignorance were skated off or redirected. He completely refuses to shed any details on any of his claims and gets furious whenever someone wants to know. Major major red flag. Any other school owner will proudly and easily present to you their credentials and proof of their legitimacy. There is nothing to hide otherwise. For an entire day, I didn’t learn a single thing. There wasn’t one single piece of valuable information. It was truly a joke. Even though it was only $99, I felt like I had been scammed, wasted my time, and in the presence of a pretty good scammer or con who is posing as an instructor for a very dangerous sport. Most important reason for this post HERE: The reason for my post here is not so much about the low quality of what he is offering, but rather the many lies and false claims he makes in an attempt to make himself seem like a qualified legitimate instructor. None of his claims can be verified. If asked about details for any of them, he will either ignore the inquiry or skirt it. No information can be found in any database, any race organization, or any results page domestic or international. Any pictures of him are taken by family or friends. This is easily verified otherwise the photographer would watermark or claim copyrights to the photos. You’ll notice none of the photos of his have any other racers present in them. Any claims online are from himself, his wife, or from someone who did a face to face interview with him but didn’t verify his claims and simply printed what he said. This is NOT the American Dream. It’s dishonest, dishonorable, and dangerous. If he wants to coach people, that’s fine, but they should fully understand he’s never raced a day in his life, never won anything, and that his claims are complete lies and falsifications. In that case however, nobody would sign up, because in order to run a school, you should be an expert in the field and should have multiple verifiable credentials from reputable sources and people, none of which he has, hence why he has to lie and make up stuff so people will trust his abilities. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you are on the fence about attending. If you too are disappointed however, I encourage you to write a report similar to this and your findings to help prevent others from being lied to and scammed and possibly endangered. .

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