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My daughter up for 10 sesiions of stretching at the 4S location inside of Proteus/Velocity. The girl that sogned up my daughter’s name is Sophia. My daughter is 14 years old and understood that Sophia was signing her up for 10 sessions only. What Sophia did NOT tell my daughter was that she was getting signed up for a $225 recurring monthly membership!!! | Once we found this out several months later (we were never told this was a recurring monthly $225 fee, nor did we get an email confirmation, nor were we alerted prior to the monthly billing) I contacted the owner Jake Horton. Jake Horton was very rude, unproffessional, and threatening on the phone… he said “You are gonna WALK AWAY from disputing this with your credit card company because I win these disputes all the time”… he also said “if your daughter had any brains she would have known what she was signing”… my daughter is only 14 years old!!! I was SHOCKED that someone would talk to a customer in this manner. I pleaded with Jake to refund our account (my daughter only used a couple sessions and we paid over $600) being that also I am a single mom, he refused and said “maybe you should go back to school and learn business”… this was meant to hurt me because my daughter unwittingly signed up for a recurring membership… Apparently Stretch U rents space from Proteus / Velocity, but I wonder if the owners know whats happening to their clients, I will never have my child work out at that facility again and hope that the owners understand that they are loosiing business due to having Stretch U in their facility


  • Name: StretchU
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Diego
  • Address:
  • Phone: 314-221-5939
  • Website:

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