Streamline on line East Coulee Alberta Review


I was called by Streamline on line who represented themselves as working with Amazon to setup affiliate members. They said that you didn’t even need a computer and they would set up your website…for each sale that came in you would receive a commission. The website would cost about 130.00. They then had Superior marketing handle your advertising to increase you sales. I had explained to both parties that we were senior citizens with very limited income and that my husband was not well. They proceeded to tell me that if I made a partial payment of 2500.00 on my credit card that Amazon would pay the rest to get my advertising campaign going to ensure that I could get some extra monthly income. The store website was set up on line, but everyone That I knew who tried it came up with “Sorry Amazon cannot ship to that address”” I contacted Amazon who replied that it was a third party store

and I would need to contact the site administrator for problem resolution and any payments due. I was also contacted by a Lawyer in Dakota who insisted that he represented the interest of Superior marketing clients and that I must open a incorporated company in N Dakota to protect my tax interests for the sum of 1800.00 dollars. That’s where I said no since I had not received one red cent I sure wasn’t worried about being taxable. That was in the spring of 2011. All that I ever got was one more phone call several months ago to tell me that my worker had died and for a sum they would set up a new store for me. Of course I declined

and regret that I hadn’t told them to take a hike to begin with. They are obviously a whole fraud network.”

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By Ronald

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