Complaint: We hired Strauss Homes LLC to do work to clear the back of our house, involving excavation and swales. We entrusted our home and family safety to them. They did not do the swales and graded the land toward the house causing water coming through our basement windows, flooding and water damages to our finished basement and property. We lost use of our finished basement, had to move our daughter and infant to the upper level of the house, had loss of personal items, including loss of wages, items of sentimental value, basement flooring, and the list is too extensive to include here. We had professionals in our home that had to do water restoration work that was extensive and costly to us. To make matters worse, Strauss Homes LLC had no insurance for excavation work and the claim filed on our behalf was denied. Beware! There are other victims of Strauss Homes LLC. Look them up, dont hire them. Strauss Homes LLC owner Amy Strauss and shareholder Chet Botch, aka Chester P. Botch, took no responsibility for their poor work and the damage caused. Chet and Amy, supposedly experienced contractors, came to our home 24 hours after the first incident, and very late/dark at night with a flash light. Chet had an alcoholic drink in his hands, which he said himself it was an alcoholic drink he needed after a long day of work. This is the state in which they came to handle business. Remember, Chet does have criminal records, which are public records, such as a history of bad checks and Theft By Decep-False Impression, with different case numbers and disposition dates and in the state of Pennsylvania. Note that other insured and registered excavation experts came to our home to give us their professional opinions and estimates and all provided written reports and estimates that indicate the poor existing grading and non-existent swales. Corrective action required is extensive and costly. And yes we, the homeowners are disappointed and upset. Emotions, of course, are high, particularly after damages caused that might eventually lead to mold that can harm the health of our family, including our infant granddaughter. To add insult to injury, Chet Botch made threatening remarks to us, including bodily harm. Its all recorded in voicemail messages he left. This individual has an extensive criminal record that speaks for the reputation of Strauss Homes LLC. My daughter is afraid for her safety, the safety of her infant daughter and so are we. We have extensive documentation of everything that relates to this unfortunate situation and all statements made here. Readers Beware!! Do your homework when you are hiring home improvement contractors. Make sure they are registered with the Attorney General, that they are fully insured for the particular work they are doing for you, ask for references, ask for ID, visit their office location, search them extensively on the internet, make sure that contracts are clear. Do not sign anything that is not in appropriate contract form. Do not give money until the contractor begins the work and make sure that you have a warranty, do not pay cash, do not pay all costs before work is completed and to your satisfaction. If you happen to become a victim speak your mind. Dont let them intimidate you as Strauss Homes LLC has tried with us. Do not let them get away!!

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